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This is how it all started... 2008 Jean-Baptiste Caste is a professional windsurfer. He spends most of his time getting dry at the seaside, at the beach, after a shower. Everywhere. He then has the idea of a new type of ponchos and this will take him 4 years to develop.

2012 Birth of ALL-IN Sport Beach Company in Hossegor ! After many prototypes, a lot of energy and hard work. The success is immediate within the first months of its launching, the ponchos designed by ALL-IN are unique: innovation, high-quality making, a flashy and original design, a real range of different styles, the poncho is changing and becoming stylish thanks to JB!

Today Promoted by its founder, ALL-IN is positioning as a leader and trend-setter on the terry poncho market but it is also an accessories brand dedicated to your comfort before and after a session. Following its slogan “The Sweet Transition”, ALL-IN brings a lot of comfort to the users to change outfits everywhere before a session and especially after getting out of the water, in a word, during all these transitions that can be hard!

Why ALL-IN ? Nothing to do with poker, except maybe in the crazy bet of launching this brand and making it a leader in its area today! ALL-IN is simply the idea of giving everything you can, committing yourself fully, just like JBdoes to design the best products for the Sweet Transition.