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Igloo Eco-friendly Recycled Plastic Cool Box 30Q Vintage Green

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Igloo ECOCOOL Eco-friendly Recycled Plastic Cool Boxes

The Igloo ECOCOOL Latitude range of eco-friendly cool boxes is now available in the UK!

The Igloo ECOCOOL Trailmate is due to launch in May 2023.

Now available in the UK, the Igloo Ecocool range of cool boxes are the worlds first cool boxes manufactured using recycled plastic. As well as being eco-friendly and kinder to the earth, the Igloo Ecocool range of cool boxes still offers the same level of cooler performance and durability as our standard coolers.

Igloo ECOCOOL - The World's First Recycled Plastic Cool Box

Igloo have always lead the way in eco-friendly cool box manufacturing, but the ECOCOOL range is a game changer. Featuring Igloo THERMECOOL insulation and with the body manufactured using recycled plastic post-consumer resin, the Igloo ECOCOOL range of cool boxes is as eco-friendly as possible!

You can read all about Igloo's journey to become the most eco-friendly cool box back manufacture on earth here.

Igloo ECOCOOL Eco-friendly Cool Box Features

  • Manufactured using post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Featuring Igloo THERMECOOL eco-friendly insulation
  • Various Igloo cool box models available
  • Unique green Igloo ECOCOOL colourway
  • Igloo CoolRiser technology
  • Made in the USA

Eco-friendly with class-leading ice-retention performance:

Igloo ECOCOOL Eco-Friendly Ice Cool Box Details

  • Model Range: Igloo ECOCOOL Eco-Friendly Ice Cool Boxes
  • Material: Post-consumer recycled plastic resin
  • Insulation: Igloo THERMECOOL eco-friendly insulation
  • Igloo ECOCOOL Trailmate SKU: 34399
  • Igloo ECOCOOL Latitude 30 SKU: 50489
  • Igloo ECOCOOL Latitude 52 SKU: 50491
  • Igloo ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Roller SKU: 34777
  • Model Number: 27542
  • Capacity: 13 Litres