McTavish Noserider 9'4 Longboard Matt Finish


Only one 9'4'' in stock so order quick.

Shaped in the famous McTavish factory in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Not many available to sell so get in touch if you have your heart set on one of these beautifully eye catching boards.


9'4" x 23" x 3"

In the glory days of California surfing the Noserider was the flagship, the banner carrier, the número uno. It smacked of Detroit with its extravagance of foam and stringers, of beautiful coloured resin panels and oversize fins. An elegant tanker that trimmed along like a long-stroke V8 through sloppy sections and weak walls. The classic Noserider still appeals for all the aforementioned reasons. A beautiful cruiser with all the tricks added. Take four steps or two, and hold that pose as long as you can, on tiny waves or up to waist high. Lots of board = lots of glide.