Old Style Dutch Pot Large Green 4 Asst Designs


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Our favourite Dutch pots have had a makeover! A new larger size in fresh green with geometric and tropical patterns. Add some ferns or Orchids for an instant tropical forest.

Since these pots are made using a style of press that is much more involved for the potter, they have far more character than the regular size pots – the shape, size, and glaze of each individual piece might vary. These items are hand finished and no two are quite the same, therefore small imperfections are entirely to be expected (indeed this is exactly what we strive for!).  We hope you recognise that each lump and bump is what makes each pot individual, much like all of us…

Dimensions: 20 × 20 × 16 cm

Online customers, please note that these pots come in assorted designs and are sold as individual units.