Sexwax Pickle Wax Remover


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Made form 100% recycled ingredients the Pickle is the perfect tool for removing wax from your surfboard and is made without any harsh chemicals.

  • Best if used outside. Mum hates wax on her good sofa
  • The Pickle works on all types of boards (surfboards, skim boards, bodyboards, paddleboards etc) of any finishes and all types of surf wax
  • Your Pickle is sensitive and should be kept away from sharp objects which could damage it
  • There is no reason to wash your Pickle, so don't! (The dirtier, the better!)
  • Store your Pickle in the handy dandy resealable Pickle Pouch
  • Don't point your pickle at others (even if you beleive it it not loaded!)
  • Using your Pickle just may save the planet

Important info:

Store away from heat, sparks or open flame. Do not incinerate. Is Pickle is torn, discard in appropriate trash receptacle.

Mum Says; "Wash your hands after touching your Pickle."

Pickle instructions